The list below is offered for your convenience. information on the ideals and aspects of this path and other important details.
Seven Sights
Our path is that of the Earth, Stars, & Spirits.
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The path of seven blends the traditional with the new, a murky soup of ideas all revolving around working with the Spirits, Faeries, and Entities of not only our Earth, but our vast and dimensional galaxy. This path incorporates the natural cycles of the year, pulling traditions from Celtic roots while still drawing from other practices.
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Together at last.

Small (and quite messy) painting with gouache. :>

I have a feeling Lost Queen would often appear as something calming to those she’s helping to cross over.



Just listed this Dead Tree Sunset buck skull cap & antlers in the shop! Stop by and check him out!


The Seven Are Faeries.

Yes for all intents and purposes they are indeed, Faeries.

but they are also an open concept, so you could say they’re entities, spirits, gods, ideas ect. 

The idea of the seven was that they were a visual, spiritual, polytheistic collection, who can be associated with certain gods, entities, plants, trees, elements. They are Faeries, and they’re not close minded in how their worked with. 

It seems there are quite a few interested in PO7 

This both brings me joy, and motivation to push out more info. 

I’m going to be posting more offerings, information, card spreads, printable pendulum maps, and other things for all those interested in working with the seven. 

  bornofspring said:
I have never heard of this path before but I am extremely fascinated. May I ask where I can find more information?

Well thank you very much! and I’m trying to put out more information! so if you’d like to suggest anything specific I’ll try to get it out there for you! 





How to make a candle inside a pomegranate (endless devotional uses particularly for hellenic paganism). Click picture for link.

Lucifer, you want?

You can also make candles out of pretty much any citrus, mini pumpkins etc

Making these and studded oranges this winter! I love winter fruit!